A Beautiful Place to Meet Lucifer: click for artwork details

A Beautiful Place to Meet Lucifer

70x50cm / Acrylic on canvas / 2011

    latest things

  • New painting: All My Rainbow People


    A new abstract piece representing the lovely people in my life All My Rainbow People

  • New painting: Crawl the Copse


    Find the 8 animals!..Crawl the Copse

  • New painting: Safe Direction


    I've painted some weird things of late and badly needed to make something beautiful. I strive to highlight overlooked majesty. So I didn't choose huge, windsurfer waves or a stunning sunset. This is as boring as the sea gets...still makes my socks roll up and down. It's been emotional.Safe Direction

  • New painting: Winter is Coming [edit: renamed Circles and Spikes]


    Winter is Coming like Foresty before it, is figurative but uses parts of my semiauto technique.

  • New painting: Georgie, You're Lovely When You Smile


    Georgie, You're Lovely When You Smile

  • New painting: Atoms Did Congeal and Lo! Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger was Given Form


    Atoms Did Congeal and Lo! Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger was Given Form

  • New painting: Rushes



  • New painting: Hail



  • New painting: Noble's Isle


    I do try to be weird...Noble's Isle

  • New painting: Fireaway


    Fireaway Take it as figurative, take it as semiauto.

  • New painting: Foresty


    A departure from my usual range of styles, Foresty is figurative but uses parts of my semiauto technique.

  • Empty Easel review


    I got a nice little write-up from Dan over at Empty Easel, they have some useful articles for artists over there so do check them out.

  • I am still alive


    I've not posted any new stuff to the site for a while as I've been busy with other things, including setting myself up so I can start selling prints of my work through this site. Be aware-ea of this area! (that means watch this space)

  • New work: Montserrat Blue


    A new impressionistic seascape, hope you like it.

  • New work: Ride Waves / Make Waves


    My latest abstract painting.

  • New work: Filamentary My Dear Flotsam / South Down Cows


    A new abstract piece, inspired by recurring natural patterns and a nice tranquil landscape.

  • New work: Splatstormm Series


    I added four new pieces in the Splatstormm series, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow.

  • RSS feed


    There is now an RSS news feed where I'll post updates about new pieces and other news relating to this site and my work. This is in response to a suggestion from a friend who visits the site - thanks Carlos!

  • New work added


    Two new pieces of work: In One Side and its complement, Out the Other. Also there is a work in progress which I thought some people might like to see (and if they had to wait until I was finished they might never see it).

  • Ratings table [EDIT:I got rid of this]


    I added a ratings table so I can see which bits of work people like and which they don't like. It's for my own purposes really so there aren't any main links to it but check it out if you're interested.

  • Facebook 'like' buttons


    I to and fro in my relationship with Facebook. Is it the all-encompassing hive mind wanting to dissolve us all? Maybe, but for now I'm going along with it. I like people to see what I make, and for them to have reactions - it's the only reason I make things. So I added a Facebook 'like' button.

    Click it, your friends will click it, then your friends' friends will click it, and when I rule the world I'll get you a good deal on something or other.

  • New website goes live


    This website has been my main focus of attention for the past couple of months, it's sucked up literally hundreds of hours of my life but that's fine I didn't have much else to do.

    The rebuild is significant for me as it represents a shift in focus back to painting, a skill which I have kept barely alive, neglected and underfed for the past few years. I'm now back into my painting (at least I was before the website took over) and it feels right.

    Although I am glad to have finished the site, I've endured a deep sustained dive into my left brain to do it and am euphoric in anticipation of future wallowings in the right.

    EDIT 06/03/11: Ok after another fortnight of twiddling, now it's really gone live.

  • The Brighton Stuckists founded


    I'm not a big fan of the Turner Prize or modern concept art in general. Some may say this is because it's too deep or complex for me, they may be right. I say it's because it's a hiding place for blaggers and bullshitters (I never bullshit - check out my photos if you don't believe me). It's a self-sustaining phenomenon, those who create it have found a way of substituting words for effort and skill, and those who surround them are scared of appearing stupid if they don't perceive the depth and excellence they are told is there.

    Stuckists are painters who, according to Tracey Emin are 'Stuck! Stuck! Stuck!'. I found I identified very much with what they say in their manifesto and have therefore founded The Brighton Stuckists.


Mark Mayes is probably influenced by the impressionist painters most and loves the work of Paul Cezanne in particular. He creates detailed figurative work but also messy abstractions. He's hoping one day he can work out how to categorise himself because every time someone asks 'what do you paint' he falls apart in a mumbling mess. He doesn't want to be categorisable but it would be good to have a stock answer. For parties.

He enjoys all forms of creativity but mainly paints in acrylics and is one of those square peg people. If he notices a trend developing in his art he immediately tries to break it. This means that his work is hard to pigeon-hole, because he's a square peg and pigeon holes are...oh they're square aren't they. He must be some other-shaped peg then.

He is interested in unusual viewpoints and this shows most in his photography. He also likes to draw attention to the way our visual systems work and how easily we can be fooled. This is most obvious in his realistic-looking paintings which on closer inspection prove to be made up of extremely messy (the messier the better) strokes.

The Stuckists Manifesto

"The Stuckist is not mesmerised by the glittering prizes, but is wholeheartedly engaged in the process of painting. Success to the Stuckist is to get out of bed in the morning and paint."

Bright light!
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