ALALA / All for Love and Love for All

ALALA / 2015

Albi the Alpaca

50x24cm / Corrugated card, squash balls, cable ties, acrylic paint / 2015

Morning. Bleurgh.

126x100cm / Acrylic, Matt Gel on Canvas / 2014

Kempson Garden Services

Kempson Garden Services / 2014

Aztec Blue Eagle

180x100cm / Cardboard boxes, double-sided sticky pads / 2014

Crawl the Copse (Eight Animals)

127x102cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2014

My Work

I'm influenced by the impressionist painters most and love the work of Paul Cezanne in particular. A lot of my work is figurative and quite detailed.

I paint mainly in acrylics, make 3D objects and write code for the web.

I like to draw attention to the way our visual systems work and how easily we can be fooled. This is most obvious in my realistic-looking paintings which on closer inspection prove to be made up of extremely messy (the messier the better) strokes.

Why Firm Gently?

I read it on the back of a packet of seeds (sow, cover in soil the firm gently)...I liked it, it pertains to cultivation and growth.

The Stuckists Manifesto

"Stuckism proposes a model of art which is holistic. It is a meeting of the conscious and unconscious, thought and emotion, spiritual and material, private and public. Modernism is a school of fragmentation - one aspect of art is isolated and exaggerated to detriment of the whole. This is a fundamental distortion of the human experience and perpetrates an egocentric lie."

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