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This website is organic, it was never designed - it just grows out of me. To build it I use PHP, HTML5, LESS/CSS, JS, my fingers and my brain.

I paint mainly in acrylics, make 3D objects and write code for the web. This is where I show my stuff.

My Art

I like Paul Cezanne, Joseph Turner, Albrecht Dürer - I like lots of painters.

I like to draw attention to the way our visual systems work and how easily we can be fooled. This is most obvious in my realistic-looking paintings which on closer inspection prove to be made up of extremely messy (the messier the better) strokes.

Why Firm Gently?

I read it on the back of a packet of seeds (sow, cover in soil the firm gently)...I liked it, it pertains to cultivation and growth.

Read more about it here.


158x100cm / Acrylic on canvas / 2016

Life Tips: 1. BISH: Open Your Eyes

102x82cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2016

Life Tips: 2. BASH: Focus on the Beauty

102x82cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2016

Life Tips: 3. BOSH: Perspective

102x82cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2016

Life Tips: 4. BE LUCKY!

102x82cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2016

Peaches, Chance

102x82cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2015


76x102cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2015

Albi the Alpaca

50x24cm / Corrugated card, squash balls, cable ties, acrylic paint / 2015

Morning. Bleurgh.

126x100cm / Acrylic, Matt Gel on Canvas / 2014

Pretty Yellow Flowers

1933x1291cm / / 2014

Crawl the Copse (Eight Animals)

127x102cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2014

Safe Direction

102x76cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2014

The Stuckists Manifesto

"Brit Art, in being sponsored by Saachis, main stream conservatism and the Labour government, makes a mockery of its claim to be subversive or avant-garde."

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    This is the left-brain stuff.

    For abstract paintings, photography or writing pop over to Gently Firm.

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